Saturday, September 11, 2010

Feathers, Free Zones, & Funny Socks: September at Royal Danish Ballet

It's official: Summer is over. Not technically, of course; and there are still days here and there when the weather is beautiful and teases one into believing that summer could continue forever. But for the most part, the temperatures are starting to regularly demand sweaters. Galoshes are becoming increasingly necessary. And the carefree sense of having no schedule, and nothing but time? Well that's been gone for some time now, but after a marathon week of rehearsals at Operaen for Svanesøen, it's really totally without-a-doubt crystal clear--(1) we are all definitely back in shape; and (2) the season has begun, for real.

This back-to-school feeling doesn't mean no fun, of course. We are fatigued, to be sure; but while this may deepen the bags under our eyes it doesn't have to put a damper on general spirits. The shades of grey are slowly creeping back into the Copenhagen skies, but we savor the sun when it deigns to make an appearance. Our bodies are beat, but we still enjoy the days off--just perhaps not to "normal" 20-something-year-old extents. And even when the days at work seem to take approximately forever, people manage to keep spirits up. And so, a little photographic diary of September, Svanesøen, and the last of the sunshine.

The sun is still out, but signs of autumn are creeping into Copenhagen. This ballerina child doesn't mind so much: It's my favorite season, and I do enjoy any excuse to wear an oversized sweater.

Dinner of champions? Perhaps. At least we know the importance of greens.

On rare two-day weekends, it's wonderful to stumble upon something called "Free Zone" at Ofelia Beach: an event where everything (including the champagne, the umbrella, and the singing transvestite entertainment) was "gratis"!

The men of the Royal Danish Ballet are entertaining from all angles, and in all kinds of footwear.

Things that run my life at the moment: Pointe shoes. Sewing pointe shoes. The Board. The colors highlighter green and neon pink.

And finally, David Amzallag captured two of my Svanesøen personalities: white swan, black swan.

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