Wednesday, June 29, 2011

summer, summer, summertime...

As the great lyricist Will Smith once wrote, it is now officially "summer, summer, summertime, time to sit back and unwind." After a month-long tour to the good ol' United States of America (and a month-long hiatus from this blog of mine), I am back in Vikingland for a proper Scandinavian sommerferie.

But first, some highlights of RDB's big 2011 tour across America. Following a 17-hour travel day, which closely resembled an inner circle of hell, we started off with a week in Orange County. A week in Berkeley came next; then a week in the motherland's great capitol city of Washington, DC; and finally, a grand finale on my home turf: New York, the city so nice they named it twice. It was a long tour, it was a hard tour, but it was a fantastic, fun way to end a difficult, ultimately very gratifying season. And after having spent an unbelievably hilarious, relaxing, perfect week at home on Long Island with my family following the tour's end, I am now back in Copenhagen to continue enjoying the summer holiday. My jet lag--combined with the wonderfully long Scandinavian sunlight hours of summer--means I'm nearly cross-eyed at this time, but until I get back on European time, some photos from America, to get back in the swing of this blog...

A lovely community garden in San Francisco.

Monkeying around on tour...

It was fantastic to visit San Francisco again, after six years or so.

My first time in DC--heaven for this Bones fan. Agent Booth works here! ;-)

I felt this was only an appropriate pose, considering the circumstances. And considering I'd already made enough bad political puns that morning.

Inspired by the street art near PS1 MoMA.

Situations like this one are why I love love love downtown New York.

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