Friday, July 1, 2011


After five weeks away, it is really nice to be home for a week before I take a little trip to another land. Having lived in Copenhagen for over two years now, I can say that while I love this city (or at the very least, really like the whole city and love Vesterbro), it can get claustrophobic at times. Copenhagen is what I call a "little big city." And that's literally what it sounds like: while technically dubbed a city, as a New Yorker I can say with confidence that it is a very small city. To be sure, this is part of its charm, but it can also make me go a bit bonkers after a while. There are only so many times you can bike around the same neighborhoods or sit in the park before it gets a bit monotonous, no matter how lovely the weather might be.

And so it is wonderful to come back to sunny skies and warm weather, and to be able to re-appreciate this little big city I have come to call home. Despite the fact that the entire city seems to be under construction at the moment (see my lovely friend Sandra's blog for more on this!), Copenhagen really is quite fantastic in the summer. Before I go on vacation in a week, I plan to take full advantage of being able to do nothing and anything--and of the summer sales going on right now. So, a little photographic ode to good ol' CPH, as I continue the battle against jetlag...

New street art on Westend, my favorite block in Copenhagen.

"Blomster om sommeren" -- flowers in summer.

I love Vesterbro...

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RunRunRun said...

I also love Vesterbro.

Is she a beauty? Not really. Still I can't get enough of walking her streets, especially at night. Istedgade, Vesterbrogade, Soender Boulevard, Ingerslevgade, and everything in between.

Is every weekend in Koedbyen a blast? Don't think so but I keep loving going there. Gimme Jolene, Paté Paté, and KB3.

Maybe start the fun out at Copenhagen Plaza Hotel's Library Bar for some great contrast. (Yes that's still Vesterbro). Or some wine and beer at a string of Istedgade joints.

Is it wrong to feel a bit intrigued walking past dealers, druggies, and hookers? Yeah.

If Koedbyen and everything really suck then ride your bike to Loppen or Operaen at Christiania (OK that wasn't Vesterbro).

I've been parted from her and the rest of cph for more than two years now and I desperately miss her. Now I'm in another country. I lived near Enghave Plads. I understand that the carlsberg area is about to be reborn somehow. I do go back to visit now and then but that just makes the yearning worse and hurts my savings. Hmm. Hope to be able to move back some day. Must one be young to live in Vesterbro?