Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rosé Festival 2010

Sunday afternoon, I enjoyed the heat wave currently sweeping through Scandinavia with some wonderful friends on Islands Brygge--possibly the best place to soak up the sun in Copenhagen. After a couple of hours of getting ample amounts of Vitamin D, water playtime, and food, one of my best friends Constantine called to take me to something magical: an annual event, hosted by some friends of his in Nørrebro, known as Rosé Festival.

We biked to Nørrebro (one of my favorite Copenhagen areas) just after a much-welcome summer storm. And rounding the corner to Skt. Hans Gade, we were met with one of the happiest groups of people I have ever seen. Mostly barefoot, dancing in the middle of the street to jazz music blaring from speakers, this was definitely the place we were looking for. We parked our bikes and--dodging a few dancers along the way--made our way to the small sidewalk tent to get ourselves a glass of the festival-worthy stuff, and to find Constantine's friends. The sign under the tent read: "VIN 50kr, VAND 15kr" (wine 50kr, water 15kr); this is quite normal pricing for Copenhagen, so we asked for two glasses of rosé, tak. Well. Turns out it was 50kr a bottle, not glass, and the night thus began with the best-priced bottle of good rosé ever purchased in Copenhagen. We found Constantine's friends, two very fun, funny people, and spent one of the most wonderful evenings of my sommerferie dancing, drinking, and eating in Nørrebro (and of course catching a bit of the World Cup final; TILLYKKE SPAIN!) About an hour after we arrived, two more of our friends showed up; we made some new friends; we danced in the street and in the quick summer storm...suffice to say I cannot wait for Rosé Festival 2011 :-)

We got there at the beginning of a second quick summer storm. Some people took cover; and rosé bottles floated everywhere :-)

Others embraced the warm summer rain (Constantine and I later joined their ranks). Some made cute shelter outside. All were happy.

People got creative, too: Storage of rosé was ingenious, as were alternative (rhythmic) use of footwear.

Speaking of footwear, the hostess with the mostess had on a fantastic, Tinkerbell-magic pair of festive pumps. She was fun.

Sports were involved too--amateur street tennis, and professional World Cup football.

The atmosphere was infectiously free: People were rearranging license plates, we made new bearded friends...the phrase "anything goes" comes to mind.

There were even rosé awards! I don't know what for, but this guy won, to the chant of the evening: "Rosé! Rosé! Rosé, rosé, rosé!"

All in all, this was one of the most wonderful, random, crazy fun evenings of the summer. Tusind tak til alle, og til næste år...

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