Friday, July 2, 2010

Toy Story, or: My Friends are Wonderful

Sometimes, it takes a lot of things or absolutely nothing at all. But if you're lucky enough--which I have been--you have an overwhelming moment where you realize: You have the most wonderful, truest friends on Planet Earth (to your knowledge). For me, this moment occurred on sommerferie, far away from home, at a very late/early hour, and (characteristically for me) involved some tears. Despite the mini-breakdown involved, however, it was so comforting to feel I have found a second family for myself, and that I am really quite privileged in the friends department, as well as in the actual genetics/immediate family department. These people let me "Car Crash" at their apartment; feed me; make me laugh; give me the occasional reality check; listen to me cry/snort-laugh/vent/ramble; and give wonderful bear hugs.

So, they know who they are; and this post is just a small one to say: Infinity thank yous. You are all awesome, which is like...good x 100. And because it fits, and it's a little bit dorky, and truth be told I not-so-secretly love it...a little bit of Randy Newman-meets-Disney :-)