Sunday, January 9, 2011

Vinter i København

Okay, so I lied: my 'next post' will not be in New York. It will be written from Copenhagen, on my last night before returning to the United States of America, land of the free and home of the spray cheese. But before I bid this lovely little big city a fond farewell for two and a half weeks, an ode to winter in Wonderful Copenhagen...

A nippy, miraculously sunny December morning in Copenhagen inspired a faux postcard photo shoot. Subsequent editing produced what could very well be next year's Christmas card. Or, more likely, not--due to my tendency to procrastinate when it comes to sending out snail mail en masse.

The first snow, captured on my way home from a Tornerose performance. The streets were in a perfectly deserted state for me to capture the moment. Thank you, lack of traffic.

I have 'a thing' for many things: Vesterbro, sunshine with minus temperatures, and icicles. Provided, of course, they stay attached to the rooftops and window awnings from which they glisten. They're beautiful and mean--as Juno MacGuff so perfectly said, 'Like Diana Ross.'

Though I'm not as fond of the glacial masses of ice decorating the streets of Copenhagen as I am of the infinitely more delicate icicles dangling from places on high, I still enjoy appreciating them for what they are. Which is: large chunks of ice.

I like to think I open up on this blog, and reveal things about myself. But some things I will keep private, such as the full story behind this photograph. Suffice to say: this moment was captured at the end of an unbelievably perfect day, in the middle of a meteor shower. Sådan.

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Amy Kennard said...

That photo screams "end of a perfect day." Beautiful as always. And the Diana Ross comment - so spot on.