Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lacing up the Ballerina Shoes Again...

Our first week of work for the new season is over, and it was quite a week! I discovered new muscles thanks to their soreness. I got to see friends I had missed very much over the holiday. The ladies of Royal Danish rocked rehearsals: we ran through Serenade and learned all of the two swan acts in Swan Lake in three days. (Thank you, fabulous Petrusjka Broholm...and Tchaikovsky ;-D). Everyone is back fresh and tan; some people got puppies; some people had babies; some people got haircuts or new hair colors...returning to work after holiday is like a grown-up version of starting school after summer vacation, and I love it.

This next week will be even busier. With a seven-day work week ahead, we are continuing Swan Lake rehearsals; beginning to work on Christopher Wheeldon's new Sleeping Beauty creation; and will be preparing for two "open air" performances, one in Rosenborg on Saturday, and one in Skamling on Sunday. And on top of that (for me), Cross Connection has their Sommerballet premiere of SOMA on Thursday, which begins a nine-performance run at Bellevue Teatret. And while I am sorry summer is ending, I really happy to get back to work and to have a schedule again (and will be even gladder when I feel truly back in shape, if only because it will involve less sore muscles!). Plus, we are starting with two pieces set to some of the most heart-breakingly fantastic, incredibly beautiful Tchaikovsky music ever, in the forms of Serenade and Swan Lake. So it's not really difficult for me, someone who is big on music, to want to go rehearse these things every day.

All in all, it's been a wonderful first week back. Seeing everybody again, working on wonderful pieces of ballerina dancing, and ending the week with a Saturday night out in Tivoli/Kødbyen = en dejlig velkommen tilbage! To end this post, a view from my new apartment's roof terrace, and Tivoli fireworks...Happy Sunday :o)

Sunrise, and sunset, from my roof. I love the view from up there; it's wonderful to bring my coffee and a book up every morning and start the day in a lovely sort of way.

And on our way to Kødbyen: Tivoli fireworks. Our timing coincided perfectly with the grand finale, so it was especially wonderful. I love fireworks almost as much as I love unicorns.

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Nina said...

yes, i second that last statement. fireworks still make me stop in my tracks and gawk. it's a wonderful feeling.