Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Posting from my iPhone--tak, Steve Jobs!

A very quick post from my iPhone this fine Wednesday lovely
composer friend has my Internet stick thingymabob, and so I am forced to use this magical device to connect to the informaion superhighway until further notice :-)

Swan Lake is currently consuming my existence, and I love it. Walking down the street doing my shoulders-down! exercises; developing my personal wingspan; feeling the drama of Tchaikovsky's incomparable score; fearing the hunters and developing one's own swan may sound ridiculous. But know this: I am well aware my job is not going to find a cure for cancer. However if I can convincingly portray a cursed swan-woman and make people forget about this troubled existence in which we live, if I can be a part of offering an audience a sort of escape, then I have done my job well; and this , then, is what I strive for.

Tomorrow marks the premiere of Cross Connection Ballet Company's Sommerballet performances at Bellevue Teatret, and with several "old" pieces plus a fantastic new full-length creation (SOMA), it is sure to be quite an event. I am proud and ecstatic to have been allowed to be a part of it, and if you're in Copenhagen, visit or
for tickets!

And Saturday is the debut of Royal Danish Ballet's 2010-2011 season, as we take part
in the "Open Air" performances this weekend. The ladies and I will be performing sections from Serenade, the boys
will present (shirtless, kilted) Jord, and both men and women will do Tarantella from Napoli...all for free! And put with performances
from the Opera and Playhouse and Orchestra, this will be a fun
lots of cultural entertainment in and around Copenhagen this weekend, all highly
recommended :-) Happy Wednesday to all! I am resting a spasming back with The Royal Tenenbaums and 5kr
cookies, and can only hope
everyone else's evenings are as relaxing.

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