Friday, August 27, 2010

My Danish Marc Jacobs: An Ode to Henrik Vibskov

Since moving to Copenhagen, I have been exposed to all kinds of new things--language; people; ways of life; food; music; nightlife; shades of get the idea. Moving to a new continent = being flooded with newness. Including the beautiful world of Danish fashion.

While I am by no means a fashionista (I mean, hello, I have worn men's boxers paired with knee-high rainboots in public), there is a part of me that absolutely wishes I was one of those people who always looks awesome. Superficial? Perhaps. But I know that few things give me so much simple pleasure as sitting down with a bunch of glossy, overpriced, international fashion magazines and a direktør snegl from Lagkagehuset and devouring both; from the magazines, I pick out my dream looks, lusting after things that would cause my wallet to literally explode. Instead of risking an accessory blowing up, I find other ways to satisfy my clothing cravings. Example: Once a week, I make a trip to my personal Tiffany's--the Marc by Marc Jacobs store on Christian IX Gade. I don't buy anything; the lovely employees have stopped asking whether I need any help, probably because when they do ask, I reply (with a heavy girly sigh), " I'm just looking."

But back to the point of this post, which was supposed to be Danish fashion. In a nutshell, I love it. The volume, the quirkiness, the love of mismatching-to-match, the outrageous accessorizing, the androgynous feel...I really truly love it, with every girly bone in my battered body. And one of my favorite designers is the magical Henrik Vibskov. With collections titled things like ”The Land of the Black Carrots," ”The Fantabulous Bicycle Music Factory," and his latest "The Slippery Spiral Situation," the fact that I love this designer's fantastical garments was fate. And besides his weird, beyond-wonderful fashion, Vibskov has also worked in visual arts. The man is, in my humble opinion, a whimsical genius. And now joins the aforementioned Marc Jacobs on my list-of-designers-whose-entire-collections-I-would-love-to-magically-find-hanging-in-my-closet-one-fine-morning. Here, then, a peek into the stunning world of Henrik Vibskov. (And if you're reading, HV: Your women's A/W10 collection made me drool a little. TAK.)

And the man himself:


Anonymous said...

I kind of think dancers have a special craving for fashionable clothes...probably because they don't get to wear real clothes all that often. They get just a few opportunities to do and every time they're impeccably dressed!

C. Talcott said...

it's so true! :-)