Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Likes and Dislikes

I've recently been inspired to renew my interest in the "little things" in life. Because it is precisely these little things which make the big thing of life so wonderful (or, on certain days, not-so-wonderful). Here, then, are simple likes and dislikes. And yes, this post was inspired by my recent re-viewing of one of my all-time favorite movies, Amelie :)

I like to cut up six-pack plastic rings before throwing them out, even though I know now that it doesn't make much of a difference for the fish.

I dislike seeing said six-pack rings littering the streets of Copenhagen. (I pick these up, snip them apart with my always-handy sewing scissors, and throw them out. Yes, I've been stared at as though I have multiple heads.)

I like stirring sugar into my latte less than is necessary for it to fully mix in with the coffee. Because then, at the end of the latte, there is a sugar mixture which is almost too sweet to stomach...but just sweet enough. And when the drink is gone, I like removing the lid and scooping out the leftover foam. (I drink coffee like a five-year-old.)

I dislike when my coffee is served at any temperature below "searing hot." This is why I frequent Lagkagehuset over Holm bakery.

When the sun is out, I like to walk across Knippelsbro while listening to my iPod, close my eyes, and feel the springtime on my face. I look idiotic, perhaps, but it is such a nice sensation.

I dislike coming home to hear my cantankerous neighbors fighting in slurred Danish, stopping the fight when their dog begins to howl--at which point the lovely couple howls along with their pet.

I like to buy myself flowers from the stands in Israel Plads on Sundays. Cherry blossoms are my favorite, followed closely by daisies, sunflowers, and orchids.

I dislike when the flowers die mere days later. I feel like I cannot keep anything (other than myself) alive for very long. Though at the beginning of the season I did have an orchid which lasted three months...

On free weekday nights like this evening, I like to put on my biggest sweater--it reaches my knees--and fuzzy knee socks, curl up in bed right after eating dinner, and watch a happy sort of movie while eating Dumle candies and drinking "red," a flavor of blended juice sold in Denmark.

I dislike when the Dumle wrappers pile up and the movie ends, because by that point I am quite cozy and do not want to get up to throw the wrappers away. But I have to. I cannot sleep in a bed of red plastic.

When I go out with friends, I like to collect the free postcards offered at most cafes and bars. I have a collection of over 200 now. (I also like taking pictures of lost shoes while out. There are more lonely shoes in Copenhagen than you'd think. See previous post for photographic evidence.)

I dislike forgetting to bring my own plastic bag to the grocery store. Buying them there costs 3 kroner, and I have quite a stash at home, so the whole situation is mildly frustrating and costs me money (albeit not much, but still).

To combat my neighbors' noise, I like to play very old music at a fairly loud level. Not rock and roll, but go back a little further. I feel the contrast will maybe send them a message: Yes, I can play your game; but I will do it with style.

I dislike the nights where I cannot sleep because I am homesick or upset or feeling like a 21-year-old single American girl in Denmark. These nights are few and far between, but they are annoying. Plus I wake up tired for work, and my profession is not so easy to begin with, being quite physical in nature and all.

I like finding surprising new places to go out to dinner or brunch or for drinks. (A few of my favorites, for their atmosphere and music and decor, are Mesteren & Lærlingen, Cafe Din Nye Ven, Cafe Intime, The Living Room, Dalle Valle, Sofie kælderen, Christianshavn Beboerhus, Månefiskeren, Dag H, Pastis, I'll stop here but needless to say, Copenhagen has many excellent places for day or night...)

I dislike going to a place that makes me uncomfortable. Most trendy, hip nightclubs and other places where "cool people" go give me that sort of feeling. (I went to a place called TS Bar once. It has no listed address, and you must either be on the list or a guest of someone on the list--I was one of the latter, obviously--in order to get in. Outside the basement-level entry is a sign reading "Shhh..." and inside was very dark and overpriced. The quiet sign put me off straight away, and the prices put the nail in the coffin. I much prefer good food, drinks, and old music in a relaxed atmosphere. No lists, and no high heels.)

I like my new Danish friends. A lot :)

I dislike missing my family. A lot :(

Finally, I love my newly adopted little-big city of Copenhagen. I love what I do, and I really love the people I've met in the last ten months. So a big fat tusind tak to all involved, and a happy free Tuesday evening to moi :)

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