Tuesday, May 11, 2010

One last war, and playing with tulle

Tonight, I go to war (in Othello, that is) one last time. It's always fun to be a part of the last performance of a program--the energy is a little bit different, heightened maybe, knowing you won't be performing the piece again for the foreseeable future. Also, people sometimes bring candy, so that's a plus... :) Also also, last night we had Danish pop star Medina in our audience. Just a fun fact.

After tonight, we have no performances until our final M/K program, beginning May 20. (See my earlier post for links to the program and ticket information.) We'll be rehearsing at the Operaen until then, Serenading and being bugs and working on a world premiere. It's long days ahead, but luckily for me, I love this program, and have a random Thursday free this week.

Speaking of Serenade, RDB photographer David Amzallag snapped this shot of me in yesterday's "photo" rehearsal--which means we were in costume and makeup, with lighting, the whole shebang. Going from piano rehearsals to running the piece with the orchestra makes a world of difference, especially with music like Serenade. Personally, the music is especially crucial to me; I have always loved musical dancers and finding different ways to phrase movements. So enjoy the photograph; and yes, I do find as many moments as I can to play with the skirt :)

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