Thursday, May 13, 2010

A night out with ballerinas and zombies

Yes, you read correctly. Zombies. Allow me to explain.

After work yesterday, two of my girlfriends and I went to a friend's new apartment in Frederiksberg for a super-hyggeligt dinner. We celebrated several things: his new digs; my new digs (coming in August!); the free Thursday; having successfully made it to the last program of a long season; life in general. It was so nice to sit and talk and enjoy delicious food, champagne, and dessert with three really good friends.

Post-dinner festivities ended up on Strøget. I don't usually go out on the "walking street," but we found a bar with live Irish music and what seemed like a generally festive atmosphere, and big comfy chairs, and warm(!) peanuts, so we sat for a couple of drinks. Along our way to this location, and inside the bar itself, we had noticed people walking around with what appeared to be blood and bits of other people's guts on their faces. Turns out last night was the Copenhagen Zombie Bar Crawl. And people took advantage of an opportunity to do two things: (1) dress as zombies; (2) drink at multiple locations. The ones we met weren't scary at all, and were quite happy to have me snap their photograph. Here are two shining examples of what nightlife in Copenhagen can occasionally bring:

Don't worry. He was cool. And my friend walked away unscathed. (Also, we were curious about his makeup, and turns out he got it professionally done. He took Zombie Bar Crawl seriously.)

This guy was particularly happy to be photographed. And as well he should have been: He went all out with the blood.

And so, I had a wonderful Wednesday evening in Copenhagen, filled with friends, food, bubbly drinks, sweet treats, and the walking dead. It's back to work tomorrow, which means back to my favorite ballet ever, Serenade. And to end this post on a not-so-bloody note, I include another photograph of Serenade rehearsal, courtesy of David Amzallag :)

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