Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Signs of the Times

I love Copenhagen for many reasons, but one of my favorite aspects of this wonderful little big city has to be the creative signs everywhere. There are posters, graffiti, public displays of art, store names, and many more examples of the unique charm that is to be found in Danish advertising (and Danish bathroom graffiti artists). I find awesome nuggets of charm and amusement on a near-daily basis; it is the frequency with which I discover these that has turned me into one of those people who lugs her camera with her everywhere she goes. Here, from The Vault that is my camera, are some of my favorite CPH moments of truth:

I fondly remember sitting on the toilet at the library, looking up on the wall, and seeing this bathroom art. When I posted this picture on Facebook, my friend replied: "I am totally writing this somewhere in New York." I don't advocate defacing public property, but since this made my trip to the loo better, I concluded that (1) surely it had done the same for others; and (2) as a result only improved the library's bathroom.

This was taped to the side of a building, and I couldn't help but admire its literal, very direct interpretation of a popular English phrase (at least where I come from).

This might be my favorite CPH "sign of the times" ever. Because if I ever find time to meet a boy, and if said imaginary boy and I ever have children, I sure hope one day they can frolic and play on a giant cigarette butt.

Another bathroom shot--this time, at a bar while out with friends. I enjoy two things about this photo: (1) that the first person quoted Shakespeare on the wall of a bathroom; and (2) that another person responded by writing "muligvis"--in Danish, "probably."

Seriously, someone other than me needs to collect the bathroom art in Copenhagen. This was also captured from a toilet seat. What do I like about this? It's sassy, and snarky, and needs to be said sometimes.

One of my favorite ads ever. This was for the CPH.DOX documentary film festival, and the fabulous old man and equally wonderful slogan were everywhere. And thus I found my daily slice of joy all over the place for a couple of weeks.

In America, the ads and posters for the amazing movie Up were cute. But they upped the adorability factor considerably in Copenhagen with this. Your move, USA.

Fun fact: Danes take their beer very seriously. I don't remember why the Carlsberg horses were brought from the factory to Kongens Nytorv to partake in this display (a holiday beer release; a company anniversary; a random Tuesday), but I do remember that seeing big horses advertising a beer--and one far superior to Budweiser at that--made me smile.

This is a recent burst of Danish creativity. Apparently, it's an ad for Sprite, though I'm not sure what selling one's mother has to do with carbonated beverages. (The ads say something like: "You rarely need your mother, but you can always use a Sprite.")

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