Sunday, June 20, 2010

Baby Ballerina Flashbacks

Thanks to one of my friends (and to the magic that is Facebook!), I have recently gotten some videos of a baby ballerina young me, dancing on my tippy toes in Miami. For my mother, then--a reader of this blog, and one of those strange human beings on planet Earth who inexplicably refuses to join the addictive cult that is Facebook--I share with the world here. (And like the posts say: No copyright infringement intended!)

Concerto Barocco, sweet sixteen and one of my first summers really away from home. Third movement second violin was my reason for being in July of 2005.

Raymonda Variations , 2006. (I kick in at around 4:54.) This was killer hard; I have vague recollections of fearing that last diagonal, but also of loving it.


Classic Copenhagen said...

Hvor er du dygtig! I am very impressed. :-) Sandra

olivia said...

I LOVE Raymonda Variations, I did it in high school too and it has stuck with me even though I have only see it once since... one of my all time favorites!

C. Talcott said...

tak, Sandra! :-) du er så sød

and olivia, I love it too--it killed me every time, but still . . . lol