Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cheap Monday on a Wednesday--The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly on...CPH (plus more CCBC)

A photo-filled post today: So far, summer in Scandinavia is treating me well. After spending the day chronicling Cross Connection's rehearsals yesterday, I went with Cecilie and Amalie to a store opening for clothing brand Cheap Monday, sponsored by Cover magazine. Cecilie DJ'd for a bit while Amalie and I played "groupies," and after she was finished we enjoyed the party for a bit before going to Bo-Bi Bar, a "hyggeligt" place I'd never been to before. Some photos from the party:

From my perch behind the DJ booth--very crowded, a little rainy, with excellent music (tak, Lassen!).

Across from us? Goofy bartenders. They didn't bartend so much as continuously opened up bottles of Tiger, but they were fun anyway.

Love me some technology.

My lovely, funny, gorgeous friend, Amalie.

Today was a rainy one in Copenhagen, and I took that opportunity to play around with my new iPhone and its wonderful "Hipstamatic" camera application. (Yes. I finally got a "real" phone, and in doing so, went against my personal vow never to jump on the Steve Jobs/iPhone bandwagon. I thought my iPod Touch was enough. IT SO WASN'T.)

A huddled group of very wet people wait to cross at Kongens Nytorv. I liked the colorful umbrellas. (Also, to the girl running in heels: I love me some stilettos, but honey, just look out the window. This is Hunter boots weather.)

After a long vacation parked in my courtyard (due to a collapsed cable wire and the fact that I'm flaky and lost my bike keys), today is a celebratory one: I welcome bicycle Detective Lenny Briscoe back into my life. You've been missed.

I pass this often, walking in Christianshavn. And I love it. And with my new fancy piece of technology, I can just snap a picture so quickly and not have to find my camera in my abyss of a bag, unzip, zoom, bla bla bla.

Finally, I have been recruited to promote Cross Connection Ballet this summer, as previously noted. Please tell your friends and enemies and strangers to join our Facebook group here, and follow on Twitter @ccballetco for updates. I pinky promise that this is a fantastic group with wonderful things happening, surely worth a click of your mouse :) And now, this blogger is off to see Bang on a Can, followed up by some "German snow music" (whatever that may be; it's being called simply...'Schnee'), in what will hopefully be another dejlig aften i København.

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