Saturday, June 26, 2010

Other people's secrets

Every Sunday morning, I get up, get a croissant and a [double-shot] latte, and log onto a website called PostSecret. People from all over the world mail postcards to the man who runs the site, and on these postcards they write a personal secret--some are sad; some are funny; but all of them are interesting to read. There's something oddly fascinating (for me, anyway) about reading something extremely personal about a complete stranger. Comforting, too, when I read someone else's secret and realize: It's not just me, then! Here are a few of my favorite recent secrets (all pictures from

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Classic Copenhagen said...

This is so funny, I love Postsecret too, and I was just trying to sell it to a friend of mine the other day, but I think he was not as impressed. For me it started when I picked up the first Postsecret book, and every postcard I read still touches me and most important makes me feel less alone in the world. :-) Sandra