Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sommerferie: Cross Connection, Roskilde, & Sunshine

School's out. Summer vacation is in. With a minor injury preventing me from dancing for a couple of weeks (and honestly, after a ten-month season, I need a little break), I'm on holiday in Copenhagen. Lucky for me, a bunch of other dancers are sticking around. Some have Sommerballet; some are just enjoying Copenhagen; and some are sticking around for Cross Connection Ballet Company's new program in June (and later, in August).

I am sticking around for a combination of reasons. Number one, I'm fixing my foot with the help of the physical therapists still around at the theatre. Nummer to, I'm enjoying the ample amounts of sunshine in Copenhagen until the big star in the sky goes to sleep for a long, long time later this year. Numero tres, I am hitting up Roskilde (yes, I will be camping out in a tent, not showering, for four days, all in the name of rock and roll). But fourth, and certainly not least, I am doing some free PR for my friends' company, Cross Connection (linked to above).

Run by Constantine Baecher and Cedric Lambrette, two RDB dancers and friends of mine, this is a really cool project. They enlisted me to help with some Internet promotion for their summer programs, happening at Skuespilhuset in June and Bellevue Teatret and Musikhuset Århus in August. My addiction to Facebook--and the Internet in general--should help me do this. It's an exciting, cool thing to be a part of. Plus, it gives me a summer project of sorts, and a fantastic way to hang out with (and help) good friends pretty much every day.

For a preview of what lies in store for June, check out this trailer, made for CCBC by Royal Danish Ballet soloist/CCBC dancer Marcin Kupinski:

And if you're in Copenhagen June 25-June 29, I highly suggest you come to Skuespilhuset to see Cross Connection Ballet Company's new program, "Outside In." Five works (three world premieres, and two recently completed ballets), all super-cool :)

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