Friday, June 25, 2010

Denmark's out [of the World Cup, that is] . . . but Cross Connection's in

After three weeks of helping out my lovely friends at Cross Connection Ballet Company, their Outside In program premieres tonight at Skuespilhuset. I've seen the whole evening's pieces, and I can tell you with only a hint of bias that it is an awesome, crazy, weird, fantastic, beautiful program of first-class performances and some amazing choreography. (Plus, there is an exhibit showing a sort of museum of each of the choreographers' projects, and I am proud to say I took a good chunk of the photographs. Watch out, Annie Leibowitz? Not exactly, but it is pretty fun seeing my memories on a big wall!)

So if you're in Copenhagen any time between this evening and Tuesday, come see us at Skuespilhuset. We're fun, and we don't bite (usually ;-D). Enjoy this teaser trailer, made by Royal Danish Ballet soloist/CCBC dancer/iMovie whiz kid Marcin Kupinski:

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