Friday, June 18, 2010

Vampires are so hot right now (and a little blog lovin')

In anticipation of Roskilde (and, hey, because it's Friday), I bring you a sampling of a band I'm very much looking forward to seeing: Vampire Weekend. I love them, and their witty, light music; and in my dreams, I'm going to meet and befriend them in line for the toilet/getting a beer/somewhere in the huge field of tents. Because this won't happen, I do what I can, which is to bring you this bit of joy, in the form of the absolutely fantastic video for "Holiday" off the band's latest album Contra:

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1 comment:

The Ballet Bag said...

We adore Vampire Weekend and we thought this video was sooo cool in a Sofia Coppola meets Michel Gondry kind of way : )

Look forward to your report on Roskilde,