Sunday, April 25, 2010

the city so nice, they named it twice...old New York

With a free Monday because of Othello performances, I am up early in the hopes of being productive. I'm helping a friend move this morning, and having a girls' afternoon later. But I found some pictures of my home, my beloved New York, from 1942 that started off my morning in a fabulous sort of way. (Source:

The Brooklyn Bridge from South St. Manhattan. (And no part of it is for sale, so never believe that ;-P)

Salvage collection on the Lower East Side.

West Canal St. (Apparently, Ex-Lax was a big seller...)

On the corner of Pearl St. I love these.

East 7th St. Love me an old ale house.

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kdt said...

McSorley's as it looks today. Only difference now is that they allow women in. And the prices are higher.