Monday, April 19, 2010

en dejlig weekend...(med jordnødder!)

After the previously recorded longest week in history, my weekend started at about 11pm on Saturday, after a performance of En Skærsommernatsdrøm. (Of which there are just two more performances; this Wednesday and Thursday night, so come see it if you can!) A group of us went to Hviids Vinstue, the oldest bar in Copenhagen, for drinks and overall merriment. Hviids is a popular post-performance place for the dancers to grab a beer--it's close to the theatre and the Metro, and the dark wood (not to mention lampshades to be drawn on!) gives a hyggeligt atmosphere to the place. We spent a wonderful hour or so with drinks, excellent conversation, and--my favorite bar snack--peanuts. (I have a thing for peanuts.) After enjoying ourselves, about half of our group went home or elsewhere; I went with four friends to a place in Nørreport called Zen. To be honest, I'm not much for nightclubs; and with my mostly-black ensemble consisting of skinny jeans, shirt, blazer, and Converse, I didn't exactly fit in with the stiletto-heeled girls and polo-clad guys in the place. That being said, I ended up having a great time thanks to the company of some excellent friends.
On Sunday, two girlfriends and I met up for coffee at a wonderful spot called The Living Room. I need to wax poetic about this cosy, organic cafe for a second--divided into two floors, the upstairs is a bar with light wood floors and some tables and chairs; but the downstairs is where I prefer to sit. Candelit, with low cushy couches and chairs, it's very bohemian and the perfect place to enjoy coffee and girl talk on a sunny Sunday afternoon.
After my coffee date, I went home and later met up with one of my best friends here to see Dansescenen's Stilhedens Symfoni af Pernille Garde at Dansehallerne. First of all, the space itself is amazing--billed as "Northern Europe's largest centre for modern dance," the place is the former site of Carlsberg's old mineral water bottling factory. And the performance was wonderful. Whether you love it or not, it was refreshing to see something different, and gave us much to discuss afterwards; I recommend going out there to see it. After the show, my friend and I grabbed some food at Cafe Straßen, on Istedgade. (Fun fact: I absolutely love Vesterbro, the neighborhood where the cafe is located.) We enjoyed very good food and fun conversation. All in all, a wonderful way to end my one-day weekend.

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