Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lost in Translation

Sometimes, the theatre's translations from Danish to English are a source of amusement for us foreigners. Perfect example:

In Danish, it reads:
"Kære Alle!
I forbindelse med afviklingen af "Exit, Pursued by a Bear" er vi desværre nødt til at bede om fred på scenen. Forestillingen er båd meget lys- og lydfølsom, og vi beder derfor om, at der ikke er folk siderne, som ikke har noget med forestillingen at gøre."

Apparently, Google translated that to mean the following:
"Dear All!
In connection with the liquidation of "Exit, Pursued by a Bear" is, unfortunately, we have to pray for peace on stage. The performance is both very light and sound sensitivity, and we therefore ask that there are people in the pages that do not have anything with the idea to do."

I love it. It makes perfect nonsense.

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Oda said...

Haha, thank you for the great laugh! :)