Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Night Spontaneity

With every intention of having a quiet evening in this fine Friday evening, I found myself having a fabulous evening out in Christianshavn. My good friend gave me a ring at about 18.00 asking if I wanted to join him and his brother, in town from the motherland USofA, for a beer at Sofiekælderen--a bar located just a hop, skip, and jump away from my digs; one that I have not experienced yet. I gladly accepted the offer, and found myself enjoying wonderful company, equally good beer, and fine wienerschnitzel a mere 30 minutes later.
After drinking and dining, the three of us walked to Prinsessegade to continue Friday night festivities, only to run into another friend, on his way to the Christianshavn Beboerhus to see German-Danish folk band Ramona und die Rhytmuskavalier.

I had never been to my neighborhood's "community center" before, and 60DKK later, I found myself thoroughly enjoying all that Ramona & Co. had to offer (though they took far too many breaks for my liking). The description of their band, found on the Beboerhus website, translates to a pretty accurate summary, and so I copy and paste here, with thanks to Google Translate:

"R & R. die will invite you back to 60s--the pointy shoes and swinging dress skirts, for a reunion with time, where bossa nova was a guilty heroine named Gitte, and Schlager had sweet and bitter as Sarotti chocolate.
It swings between heavy melancholic pop vintage sound and confident ease, when the German Schlager--interpreted by "eine Skaninaverin"--was presented in a terrific program.
Ramona und die rhytmuskavalierin is sitting between a dynamic organ trio and a singer haunted by a nostalgic desire to live out his inner German diva.
The combination results in high-flow and energetic dance music.
The mood is retrospective and offers a comfortable blend of from Berlin Ballhaus, jazz and German liebe forms.
When Ramona über die Liebe sing melting rhythms of her longing heart with a hammond organ B3, guitar and drums, which manage to capture the sound from a bygone era and recall Schlage, it is best--namely cordial and welcoming to dance.
Then drag in your finest retro renderings and meet up ......
Achtung! R & R die is looking up to "old school" dance and that means that we play small sets of 3 numbers followed by a 5 minute break. Here you have the opportunity to visit the bar or use lejlighden to welcoming a new dance partner up.
It is recommended that the three dance numbers in a set with the same dance partner."

All in all, a wunderbar evening in Christianshavn! Godnat to my neighborhood, tak for i aften, og vi ses i morgen....

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