Sunday, April 25, 2010

Saturday Night Fever --> SUNday :)

Last night's premiere of Othello was a total success :) I love performing this because it's something different than your average ballet--the music is loud and not exactly classical, at all; I'm wearing combat boots instead of ballerina shoes; I carry a gun and have no makeup (save for some warpaint); plus I have a chance to let my big hair down, which is a big deal because normally it's a hindrance and forced back into very tight sort of hairdos. At any rate, the audience seemed to really love our little group of Shakespeare dancers. Always nice to experience a good audience.
Afterwards, we had a premiere reception in the Kantine of the Skuespilhuset. (I felt the need to wear an especially girly outfit to compensate for my "butch" role as a Marine in the performance. So I went with a bouquet theme, complete with rose earrings, a big flower pinned to my white blazer, and a pale pink frilly little skirt. Mission accomplished.) Food, drinks, a few short speeches and flowers, and friends were involved. All very nice things, especially after a show. We spent about an hour there celebrating the premiere, and then moved on to a big Fødselsdag Fest being held by three company members at Vingården. It was a fantastic way to end a Saturday night. The place is very small, the music was excellent and played at that perfect level of loud, and I very much enjoyed myself by doing some off-duty dancing with a big group of awesome people. Det var meget hyggeligt :)
And today brings one more performance of Othello, at 3pm. Since it is beautifully sunny this morning and something nearing 'warm,' I'm going to head over to the Skuespilhuset a bit earlier than usual to soak up what appears to be a fantastic Sunday here in Scandinavia. And come to think of it, I'll treat myself to a piece of something magical and a latte at my favorite pastry mecca, Lagkagehuset. Check it out:

When my dad was here helping me move across the big pond, he went to this place quite often for his fave, a kartoffelkage. I'm not exactly sure what it is, but I do know it's a whole lot of chocolate madness in one big pillowy pastry. (My personal favorite is the direktør snegl, but I digress.)
And now for a bit of Sunday music, another glimpse into my Copenhagen playlist. This morning calls for the dulcet tones of British pop diva Dusty Springfield. Enjoy, and lykkelig søndag til alle!

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