Friday, April 16, 2010

Rose-Colored Glasses

I know that many of my posts may make me seem like quite the happy-go-lucky ballerina child. Truth be told, I'm a true sarcastic pessimist; if you had to classify my temperament as a weather forecast, Sam Champion (or Al Roker, take your pick) would always say, "Partly cloudy." So every once in a while it's nice to remind myself that I have it pretty good--supporting myself at 21 years old, doing what I love in a fantastic little big city. And so follows photographic evidence that my work is, in fact, really really fun. A rarity in life, lemme tell ya.

Ballerina dancing outdoors = rock concert for the arts. And when we're finished tiptoeing around in tulle? Enjoying the show with a nice cold beer in hand.

Sometimes, we're in a studio very high up in Det Kongelige Teater. This is known as "Siberia" amongst some of the dancers, and I rather dislike the trek upstairs. However, it does give a lovely view of Kongens Nytorv. And occasionally, a rainbow. Who doesn't love a rainbow?

Yes, we do take fun pictures in the dressing room before performing. In this case, as a Shark in Jerome Robbins' West Side Story Suite.

Being a snowflake means taking an obligatory "I'm chilly" picture. Check it out.

I contemplated stealing this vintage Vespa from Napoli--it being my dream ride in life, due to my affinity for all things Audrey Hepburn/Cary Grant--but instead I took a picture half-sitting on it. Because that's exactly the same as owning it.

Playing with props is part of my job. No, it's not, at all, but it helps pass the time during Nutcracker.

We make ordering dance belts (basically, a jockstrap for ballerinos) sound exciting. More exciting than it already is!

We celebrate the end of a three week tour through Jylland with food and beverages and general frivolity on a train back to lovely Copenhagen.

My job is Halloween every day. I'm a snowflake, a girl in a tutu, a water nypmh...and here, a U.S. Marine goofing around onstage with friends before a performance in Budapest.

Plus? We can wear pretty much whatever we want to work. long as we can dance in it :)

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