Saturday, April 17, 2010

Light at the End of the Tunnel!

The rest of the world is unaware, but this week was historic--it was the longest in history. For me (and many of my friends), at least :) [Also, I suppose the volcano eruption in Iceland was a pretty big deal too...] Tuesday through tonight, I will not have gotten home before 11:30pm any day this week. We had performances every day, as well as one late-night evening call. So needless to say, my body is loving me right now.
Today, however, promises to be different. After tonight's performance of En Skærsommernatsdrøm, several of us plan to enjoy what's left of Saturday evening by grabbing a post-performance drink and relaxing, or trying to. This is very exciting, because going out for a drink on the weekends means experiencing a tiny slice of normality for us, which is rare and foreign--in my case, literally--and mostly wonderful. No matter how physically tired we are, it's funny how we find the energy to enjoy free time, if only in small doses. I don't know about my friends, but personally I find it important to my mental health to go out and try to meet new people, and listen to music, and just be a human being for a little bit. Until tomorrow, then, enjoy this bit of Danish graffiti. Seeing it made me happy to know that "your mom" humor is international.

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