Friday, April 23, 2010

In the Wings with Shakespeare...

As mentioned yesterday, we ended a 17 performance run of En Skærsommernatsdrøm last night. (A big tillykke to corps member Claire Ratcliffe, who ended a 22-year career with Royal Danish last night as well!) I attempted to capture some of the magic in the wings, so here is my little homage to John Neumeier's ballet:

Goofing around before the performance. People didn't believe me about the fairy world unitards. Photographic evidence.

We all love each other. I mean, look at these soldiers. Feelin' the bromance.

Curtain up, show starts. I love this moment. Here, Susanne Grinder as Hippolyta/Titania.

We have a lot of downtime between Fairy Worlds. One could easily get bored backstage, but with sassy friends like these, I'm never wanting for entertainment.

Titania and Oberon are not too happy with each other. Nehemiah Kish and Susanne Grinder.

Titania and the "bed," aka boys. Genius.

Titania falls under the rose's spell (thanks a heap, Puk) and ends up doing a...pas de deux with the Donkey. Who used to be a Håndværker.

In second act, the Håndværker guys put on a play. Thomas Lund was amazing. Most nights, I had to try really hard not to lose it onstage.

The ballet ends with Titania and Oberon...leaving the audience to decide for themselves whether it was a dream, or reality?

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