Saturday, April 10, 2010

SUN + Saturday + Scandinavia = Weekend Fun

After a long week of ballerina dancing, rehearsing for the final program of this season, I find myself staring ahead at a blessedly long (for me) weekend. With a "fridag" Monday, I have this evening plus tomorrow plus the aforementioned fridag for fun, shopping, and general relaxation. This is a good thing. And for once, I have actual plans. I feel like I possess something of a social life. Again: good thing.
Tonight, for instance, I am having dinner with good friends at a restaurant I haven't tried before, but have heard many excellent things about--a little place called Khun Juk. I love me some Asian cuisine, so I feel an excellent meal is in my near future. Followed by drinks with ballet friends, and an evening of widespread merriment. Ballerinas do know how to enjoy a rare Saturday evening off...
And Sunday brings me a magical event of designer fashion at Forum, in Frederiksberg. For a mere 65DKK, I will enter a world of designer fashion, available for sale, at this event. It promises to be possibly detrimental to my bank account, but entirely encouraging to my self-esteem account.
To round off my weekend of planned happiness, I'm thinking I will take advantage of my one hour massage birthday gift on Monday. Add to this the fact that the sun has begun to shine on a regular basis here in Copenhagen, and you have a very happy foreign ballerina child living in Scandinavia.
So--har en god weekend, København! Vi ses om mandag :)

[*Note: The Designer Forum event is actually a month from now. Not April. MAY.]

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