Monday, April 19, 2010


After the run of En Skærsommernatsdrøm ends on Thursday, a group of us will be performing Louise Midjord's Othello at the Skuespilhuset (Playhouse). Part of the Shakespeare in Motion program at Det Kongelige Teater (running April 24-May 11), Othello was choreographed by Royal Danish Ballet corps dancer (and friend of mine) Louise Midjord, with music by Zaki and Gabriel Flies and sets by Nicolaj Spangaa. I love being a part of this piece; it's a small group of some of the younger dancers in the Company, the music is fantastic, it's a cool retelling of Shakespeare's tragedy, and hey I get to breakdance in combat boots. It premiered last season to rave reviews, and I very highly recommend coming to see this program--paired with Pontus Lidberg's new piece for Royal Danish Ballet's character dancers.
Having never been inside the Skuespilhuset before, I didn't know what sort of theatre it was. Turns out, it is the sort of theatre I fall in love with. And the sort of theatre with a particularly excellent cafeteria. I took some photos, and here is my homage to the lovely Playhouse...

The ladies' dressing room. (No, I did not take a picture of the guys'.)

The backstage area is open, and gorgeous, and I love it.

If we can't be outside to enjoy the spring weather, we may as well take advantage of the excellent view from inside the theatre.

Because who doesn't love a chandelier at work?

One can never have too many ties.

I'm pretty sure this translates to "navigating bridge," or some sort of bridge, but being American, I found it stupidly funny.

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